Chef Cheetie Kumar, alongside partner Paul Siler, general manager Gaëlle Laforest, beverage manager Lindsay Ogden, and chef Chris Gamble

Our story:

Cheetie Kumar and Paul Siler have been a core part of Raleigh’s independent business community for many years. They first opened music venue Kings in 1999, after years of touring the US and Europe with their bands The Cherry Valence and Birds of Avalon. In 2013, Kings moved to downtown Raleigh on Martin St, and soon after they opened their cocktail bar Neptunes, and Cheetie’s first restaurant, Garland. 

Let the outdoor patio at Ajja transport you

Our values:

Ajja became a reality after many years of cultivating businesses that have centered art, music, farmers, and a global, surprising approach to local ingredients. 

Our practices are informed by our collective experience in the world of hospitality, culinary excellence, independent music and business ownership.  We recognize that this is an ever evolving process.  We are committed to the pillars that inspire us to keep learning and fostering a love for the life we have chosen in this industry.

They are: community, intentionality, respect, sustainability of the planet and people, joy, and all things delicious for the tastebuds, ears and eyes. 

We strive to nurture a team that is enriched by diversity and strengthened by intentional collaboration.

Our business is informed by, and upholds these values – and empowers us and our team to continually grow.

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